Born in Invercargill and mostly raised in Auckland, David graduated with an M. Com (1st class Honors) and B. Com from the University of Auckland before moving to the California where he attended Stamford University. At Stamford he earned a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business and an M.S. in Statistics from the Department of Statistics.

He now lives and works in NYC. During his teaching semester (fall) he commutes to Philadelphia where he teaches Digital Marketing and E-commerce at The Wharton School as a tenured and chaired Professor. He introduced this course to both the Wharton | Philadelphia and Wharton | San Francisco campuses and is the Academic Director for Wharton’s Executive Education offering Digital Marketing Strategies for the Digital Economy. His book Location Is (Still) Everything is a playbook for how to win in the digital economy.

David has a very impressive academic profile and is especially passionate about investing in and working with entrepreneurs who are founding the next generation of great consumer lifestyle companies. He was an early investor is some category defining companies including Bonobos (acquired by Walmart), (acquired by Walmart), Quidsi (acquired by Amazon), Harry’s and Warby Parker, among many others. Several of his portfolio companies are changing the game in established categories (e.g., apparel and accessories, eye-wear, grooming, health and wellness) by delivering true value to consumers and doing it with a great narrative and a vision for social change as well. He is also an expert in intellectual property matters pertaining to choice behavior online and offline.

He is setting up Idea Farm Ventures, a NYC-based consumer lifestyle venture studio which he co-founded with a good friend. .

If you would like more information on David, please contact him directly at or



In 2014 Stu Webster traded his 6-day-a-week suit-and-tie job as a partner in a well known law firm in New Zealand for sunny Los Angeles and the joys of working in shorts and jandals year-round.

The most recent check on his bucket list is being a newly minted member of the CA Bar, which means he can now sue/help people in 2 countries!

Stu offers a mixed legal practice encompassing business, corporate, contract, employment and immigration law, so if you’re in the market for some legal direction in either NZ or the US or know someone in a pickle, drop Stu an email


A few years ago Stu co-foundered a company that helps Kiwi’s realize their key market potential in the US and on the flip side helping American’s relocate to NZ.

Although in a niche market, Pinecone has grown another branch and needs a specialist tax expert for referrals – a tax attorney or CPA who has had experience with both the US and New Zealand tax systems.  That person does not have to be a Kiwi, but must have had experience in dual tax jurisdictions and can point to NZ on a map. If you would like to be considered or know of someone who is a perfect candidate for a referral role please email Stu



Fellow NZer Richard Bowman, an internationally acclaimed master teacher, coach and répétiteur, has been named artistic director of the Napa Valley Ballet.

Bowman will oversee all students and faculty in the open-enrollment program. The academy follows a specific curriculum, divided by age.

Born and trained in Auckland, New Zealand, Bowman was awarded a full scholarship to complete his training at the Royal Ballet School in London, England. He has danced as a guest artist and as a principal artist with renowned ballet companies including, the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Leipzig Ballet, the Australian Ballet, and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

The recipient of the 1987 Sir Jon Logan Campbell Award, he has been noted for his technical brilliance and his ability able to capture audiences with ease.

More information here –


Good evening folks, just wanted to advise that if you’re in NYC in February you may be interested in attending the movie My Year With Helen, which will be screened at 6pm in the Held Auditorium at Barnard College in NYC on February 23rd.

My Year With Helen is a feature length documentary by esteemed NZ director Gaylene Preston, who spent a year observing former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s bid for UN Secretary-General.

While we all know the eventual outcome, the film goes deep behind the scenes to reveal gender politics in the United Nations and is proving to be a galvanizing influence for women as well as a source of pride for New Zealanders. It also has moments of typically appealing kiwi humour, like the scenes with Helen looking after her father by putting 90 meals in his freezer.

The film has been selected for the Athena Film Festival, a prestigious festival of women’s films held annually at Barnard College.

Helen Clark and Gaylene Preston will be in attendance and will have a Q&A session after the screening. The Q&As at other places have proven lively, inspiring and stimulating events, with Helen saying things like “now that I’m free, I’m a dangerous woman”, revealing her inspirational and funny side.

More information can be found on the Facebook page

With reviews, images, and news stories on the website:
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Good morning folks, and happy new year.

Wondering if anyone can help with suggestions or ideas for the daughter and son in law of Des O’Brien. I’ve known Des since 1983 and he has been a great supporter of things New Zealand over the years, and now I’d like to help his daughter Charlotte and son in law Lee.

Charlotte (originally from Connecticut) and her husband Lee McNeish (originally from Edinburgh) are moving to Wellington in February after being accepted to Victoria University.

Charlotte will study in the expedited graduate program and Lee is planning to begin doctoral research in the following year with Maori science fiction writers and artists as the genre pertains to future-orientated political and national projects.

Charlotte attended Edinburgh University and has lived there for the last six years. While there she received her Master of Arts and Master of Science by Research in social anthropology.

She specialized in political and legal anthropology with focuses on migration and human rights and through her studies, in particular while researching her MSc dissertation, developed an interest in the political process and a desire to engage with policy making that has driven her decision to study law at the graduate level.

The decision to study in New Zealand was motivated in part by her anthropological interests; as she says…..”New Zealand has a unique legal system and culture, and I believe many of its particular institutions and questions resonate beyond its borders. I hope in the coming year to undertake an internship with the Waitangi Tribunal and, further down the line, work with the Maori Land Courts before continuing studies in international law. I also believe that the Land Courts hold broader applications for similar legal circumstances in other countries, and I am confident this experience would be beneficial in an international context.”

This is a major move for both these young people and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions or ideas for grants/scholarships and introductions to academics in the Wellington area. If so, please reply directly to Charlotte at

Thanks and regards


Born in Hastings in the Hawkes Bay, Gary lived in the Titirangi area of Auckland before moving to NYC in 2016. Some of you may remember him from his days as International Manager at the New Zealand Music Commission. He was tasked with creating and running the music export development program and working with many NZ musicians and labels all around the world on their business plans and releases. He has witnessed many amazing shows, worked alongside NZ brands and helped advance the careers of new and established managers and bands.

In 2013 his wife suddenly passed away, so in 2016, he and his son Henry took a chance and moved to NYC after being offered a position with a new annual music festival and business summit.

He was recruited to take on a role of International Music Director with a mission to develop the international music business and attendance side of the new endeavour and to curate and manage the artist showcasing.

He has just completed the second event and is now looking for a new opportunity and challenge.

Even though Gary’s vast experience is in the music industry, he is a true creative marketing and promotions professional with progressive operational experience and a wide roster of international contacts. Fellow NZer’s (some I know personally) in the industry advise he is a strategic thinker with proven ability to combine vision, creativity, and strong business decisions with well-developed project/event management, budgeting and leadership qualities.

If you are looking for someone with these attributes coupled with the “Kiwi Can Do” attitude, please contact him at –

PS – His son Henry is a soccer nut and looking to join a local NY team. He loves Liverpool and according to dad…”A slightly bent sense of humour” …which makes him a perfect teammate.



André Hemer (NZ,Ger)
The 360 Space
104 Charlton St. New York, NY 10014

André Hemer (born 1981, New Zealand) is a painter whose work explores the intersections between digital media and painting. He received his PhD in Painting from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Australia and his MA from the Royal College of Art, London.

His practice pursues new and alternate modes of representation of painting in a world dominated by digital media. Through slippages in meaning between image and object his paintings continually shift between materialized and dematerialized states. On December 2nd and 3rd Gow Langsford Gallery will present new paintings directly from the artists studio at the 360 Space.

This body of work has been completed during Hemer’s current residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York – awarded to him as part of the prestigious Paramount Award from the 2016 Wallace Art Awards in New Zealand.

Usually based in Vienna, Austria, Hemer is currently completing a six month residency in NYC.

NOTE: On Saturday December 2nd at 4pm André Hemer and Ms. Helen Klisser During will hold a walk and talk through the exhibition.

More details here