MAGNIFICENT BAY OF ISLANDS PROPERTY FOR SALE: – A New Zealand family here in the USA has put their property in the heart of the Bay of Islands up for sale. If you’re looking for a unique stunning property in the heart of the Bay of Islands then this will interest you. You’re only a few minutes by boat from the other 144 islands – fishing and scallop beds just around the corner, other secluded beaches nearby.

Access to the property is by boat, through a private driveway off the Russell back road and then a 5 minute boat ride across Orokawa Bay. This nearly 15 acre property sits at the entrance to Orokawa Bay and comprises the western most peninsula and has a home beach in front of the residence and another easily accessible beach over the hill behind the residence.
The main house is a classic architect Peter Sargisson design built 18 years ago and still looks as good today as the day it was finished.

Photos and a 2 minute video of this magnificent property can be found here

Please contact their agent Chester Rendell at for more information.


CONGRATULATIONS REIHANA MARIE KOTEKA-WIKI: – Reihana won the Miss Cook Islands 2018 Beauty Pageant in September 2018 and is now representing the Cook Islands at the Miss World Pageant in Sanya China.  The Miss World final and crowning will be held on 8th December and will be televised worldwide. You can follow Reihana on her Miss World – Cook Islands Facebook page.

Of all the Miss World 2018 contestants hitting the stage in China, Reihana Koteka Wiki is the most truly global– a Cookie/NZ Maori baby born in Israel and raised across seven nations as part of Dad Pae Wiki’s incredible UN career and mum Emm Koteka-Wiki‘s amazing global health and fitness activism!

NOTE – Reihana’s parents Pae and Emm live in NYC.

Reihana has lived in and experienced some incredibly diverse cultures, scenery and architecture but her heart has always been in Rarotonga, which will always  be home to her. Her dad Pae has been employed by the United Nations since before she was born in Israel in the early 90’s. Together with her three sisters and Mum this “woman’s household” have followed the token bloke on his postings around the world, moving every 3-4 years. Reihana is now home to stay. She’s thoroughly enjoying her first time being involved with Te Maeva Nui, reconnecting with her Atiu side. The Atiu youth and teenagers she tells me are fun and engaging and she values her “learning” time spent with the elders and composers.

Reihana completed her degree at Auckland University in 2015, she majored in Psychology (minor Pacific Studies). It was during this time her entrepreneurial side first presented itself when she started a baking business selling cake pops to fellow students.  She also founded the Lilikoi Bikini business just over a year ago. She enjoys hiking mountain treks, reading, keeping fit and exploring the lagoons of Rarotonga.

Reihana is passionate about fitness (having fitness instructor parents has clearly rubbed off on her). She considers herself relatively disciplined and motivated (to that end her Mum has been a great role model). Exercise time is her time to “tune out”. She enjoys group fitness classes and the positive energy that comes with it – “it’s like therapy.”

A competitive swimmer in her teenage years, the butterfly was her strongest stroke and the one she won the medals for whilst competing in Kenya.

Keep your eye on the Miss World 2018 contest final on December 8th and don’t be surprised if Reihana wears the crown –



 “You know my grandad was Irish and my dad a Kiwi and when they were my age they had amassed, like, 30 coffee cans full of screws, nuts and washers. I have none. What the hell have I done with my life?”


CONGRATULATIONS JAKE MILLAR AND YUKKIA OGINO: – Two young New Zealanders have been named on Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” list of individuals in education to watch in North America.

Jake Millar and Yuuki Ogino are the founders of Unfiltered, a global education platform dedicated to disrupting the way people learn business and entrepreneurship.

Unfiltered offers video interviews with many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and has attracted 27 million video views as well as strategic partnerships with 30 companies including BMW and PwC.

Millar said the pair, who were former school mates, are blown away with the achievement.


KEA END OF YEAR COCKTAIL RECEPTION THURSDAY DECEMBER 6TH: – Kea members are invited to a cocktail event on the evening of December 6th from 6pm – 9pm. Please join Kea Regional Manager Ryan Mulcock, Max Gimblett and Lucy Tupu for an end of year reception in New York City.
Please contact Ryan Mulcock at for more information to this invite only event.


ALONE IT STANDS: – On October 31, 1978, a small Irish rugby team faced off against the New Zealand All Blacks, rightly considered one of the best rugby teams in history. Ireland was in the grip of a terrible recession and war was waging in Northern Ireland, and this scrappy team from Munster’s surprise victory rocked the island.
Award-winning Irish playwright/director John Breen revisits this David vs. Goliath story that captured and entranced Irish people everywhere. Six actors playing 62 characters recreate this dynamic sporting event in a performance that The Stage called “poetic and exceptional.” 

This play will be in NYC Jan 10 through Jan 29th at the 59e59 Theater.


 INTRODUCING JESS LUXTON: – Jess moved to NYC at the beginning of the year with her three young daughters and her husband Matt, who is setting up and running an office for the Silver Fern Farms Company in the US.

Prior to moving Jess has had a wide range of roles initially joining the NZ police after graduating from The University of Otago. After four years based in emergency response in Christchurch her desire to travel won out and she moved to London, but after a year there – taking up the adventure of cheffing on Super yachts around the globe. After seeing the growth in the wellness industry whilst traveling, she and Matt returned home to New Zealand to start a business – Erban Spa.

During this time she managed the Executive Education programme at Otago University and had the first two of her three children. Amongst other things in this role Jess was involved in running a joint venture known as FAME (Food and Agribusiness Market Experience) with two other universities and taking leaders from the Agribusiness sector to the US and further afield to look at the industry from an NZ inc perspective.

Jess set up Erban Spa in her hometown of Dunedin when she first arrived back in 2007 and after several years they franchised the model. At one point owning and directing spas in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. Now predominantly South Island based Erban spa is a model devoted to wellbeing, offering a wide range of beauty, massage and skincare with a NZ organic menu focusing on beauty from the inside out. Jess manages the franchise from afar with a great team in place back at home but is very aware of the emerging trends and developments within the industry and finds it an exciting field to be part of.

Taking some time out in NY has been great for settling her three young daughters into a new schooling system whilst working to develop an app with two other kiwis (Leon Kirkbeck -also based in NYC and an Auckland based marketer Tor White) around making end of life a subject for everyone to be a part of whether, young, old, healthy or not. The app is designed to collate all your important information and messages to create a legacy for the future. Not only encouraging conversations and ideas about your end of life but passing on your knowledge and thoughts to family and friends. It’s a super exciting industry and topic that everyone should feel comfortable talking about. They may be looking for seed funding in the future and are super excited about developing other opportunities within the model.

Jess can be contacted at


INTRODUCING VICTORIA BROWNLEE: – Originally from West Auckland, Victoria is a final-year student at the University of Auckland. She has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and is studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Relations.

Earlier this year Victoria co-directed a month-long study tour of the US for sixteen New Zealand university students and arranged meetings with 55 speakers at 32 organisations ranging from Google to the World Bank. She also took the delegation to the Harvard National Model United Nations conference where she fell in love with the feeling of possibility in New York and set herself a goal of returning within a year.

Four months later, she was offered an internship at the United Nations. With the support of the University and the Peace & Disarmament Education Trust, she was able to relocate from West Auckland to NYC and now works for the Strategic Planning Unit in the Office for Disarmament Affairs. She advises on many issues including nuclear weapons in North Korea and the role of artificial intelligence in security.

Aside from her UN job, Victoria works for the University of Auckland as a Special Project Lead for New York. her role involves interviewing  alumni in the US with a view to creating a new global alumni engagement strategy. She pitched the idea for the project to help surpass a target of engaging half of the 170,000+ alumni by the end of 2019.

Victoria is returning home at Christmas to finish her studies in Summer School and plans on coming back to New York in mid-2019. She would love to create a permanent job fostering connections between Kiwis abroad and is particularly interested in helping Kiwi businesses expand into the US market.

Victoria is keen to hear from fellow tall poppies and can be contacted at or reach out via LinkedIn!


TIME FOR A LAUGH: – Guy Montgomery grew up in Christchurch, went to Victoria University in Wellington where he incredibly (his words) managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film and Media (as it is widely understood, this is one of the more challenging degrees).

He then moved to Auckland for a few years, working odd jobs in the media and supermarket promotions before deciding to have a serious tilt at comedy and moving to Toronto in 2012. After a year of performing at every open mic available his visa ran out so he returned to Auckland to host a lite night talk show on the now defunct TVNZU. After that he performed his first solo show Guy Montgomery Presents A Succinct and Concise Summary of How He Feels About Certain Things at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival and won the Billy T for this show and has performed a new hour at the NZICF every year since. 

 In 2018 he enjoyed a sold out run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and was invited to perform at Just For Laughs 42 in Toronto. After that he did a month long tour through India as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow.

AND GET THIS: –  Guy is performing in a show “Guy Montgomery Presents I’m Friends With These People” at Union Hall in Brooklyn at 7pm on Thursday December 20th. The show also features Mitra Jouhari, Dan Licata, Rachel Kaly, Steven Markow, Eudora Peterson, and Lorelei Ramirez. Come and laugh, cheer and hoot for Guy in what promises to be a great night out.


LOOKING FOR NYC APARTMENT TO RENT: Fellow NZer Katrina Roberts is looking for a NYC apartment to sublet for 2, 3 or 4 months from January 15th. Studio is fine. Please contact her at


THIS DAY IN NZ HISTORY: – In the cold, dark hours before dawn on 3 December 1910, Freda du Faur and her guides Peter and Alexander (Alec) Graham left their tent and started towards the summit of Aoraki/Mt Cook. Later that day, du Faur stood by herself on the peak after becoming the first woman to complete the ascent – in record time.

 More information here –


 CONGRATULATIONS TIFFANY FAA’EE: – Tiffany has just been appointed as a specialist coach to New York’s first ever professional rugby team “Rugby United New York”

She is the first female coach in US men’s professional rugby history. As a player Tiffany has competed internationally for the USA Eagles, leading them as captain in the 2017 World Cup. Tiffany was born in in Los Angeles and spent parts of her childhood in New Zealand and Samoa and has also represented both countries on the International stage. 

AND FOR THOSE WITH FRIENDS WHO HAVE “EVERYTHING” – Rugby United New York is now offering kit for sale – – Guarantee your friends in NZ would “love” to wear this.

 Rugby United New York 2019 schedule can be found on their website at


 AND FINALLY: – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Cheers

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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