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“DID YOU KNOW” – The story of the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in NYC – From Andrew Webber. “From where I stood it looked like there were over 200 people at the ANZAC Day dawn service in NYC last Wednesday. It was wet, cold and windy but not as bad as what our grandparents, great grandparents, and family friends endured 100 years ago.

Eleven years ago fellow New Zealander’s Cris Stephen and Geoff Andrews were discussing how unusual it was that New York City did not have an ANZAC Day Dawn Service. This was coupled with the increasing challenge presented by the small existing venue for commemoration at the Anzac Memorial Garden in the Rockefeller Center, which hosted an 11am service on the Sunday closest to ANZAC Day each year, but which could only accommodate limited numbers.  Wanting to ensure that a dawn event that was accessible to all was put in place, Cris, ex-NZ Army and currently serving at the UN, and Geoff, former RNZN rating, decided to do something about it.

They began looking for a military monument in NYC that incorporated the Australian and New Zealand flags and thanks to Ms. Jill Manelli of the NYC Parks Dept. found the Korean War Memorial in lower Manhattan. Geoff sought permission from the NYPD and the Parks Dept. to hold a service at the memorial and permission was granted.

They then started actively raising the proposal for the staging of an informal Dawn Service within the NZ and Australian community in NY, where it soon gained momentum. Thereupon, Geoff received a phone call from the then NZ Ambassador Roy Ferguson in Washington DC asking….”What the hell are you doing Geoffrey? You can’t hijack ANZAC Day”, to which Geoff responded ”We were not trying to hijack ANZAC Day, Ambassador. We simply thought that a city as important as New York should have a dawn service, and Cris and I are prepared to put it together.” The Ambassador paused before saying ”You’re right. Carry on and let me know how I can help.”

With this encouragement, soon combined with the formal support of the New Zealand and Australian Consulates, the planning was put in place and word spread, resulting in the first Dawn Service in New York being held at the Rockefeller Center in 2008, attracting over 100 people. The scale of attendees soon made it clear however that the Memorial Garden would not be able to host such an event going forward, particularly as interest rose, and the venue was shifted to the Korean War Memorial.

The Dawn Service was held in that area until Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, which saw the venue closed for repairs until further notice. A decision was then made to move the service to the Vietnam War Memorial at 55 Water Street where it has been held ever since, now attended by hundreds of Australian and New Zealanders, along with representatives of the international military community in New York, and the United States military. A decade on, the Dawn Service is now a fixture in the calendar for both communities, and is a fitting commemoration for those that have served.

Lest we forget.


“TRAVELLING WITHOUT BAGS” – Resident invites New York based New Zealanders and our friends to ‘Travelling Without Bags’ — a month-long experiential installation in the heart of New York City opening this Tuesday, May 1. 

The Auckland-based furniture and lighting brand Resident represents designers including Jamie Mclellan (now senior designer at Allbirds shoes), Nat Cheshire, Simon James, and London-based Philippe Malouin, the winner of this year’s Wallpaper* Designer of the Year award. 

 Over the course of May this year, Resident’s first independent show will be open daily to the public, media and trade, in a 3000-square-foot gallery in Nolita designed by emerging interiors superstar, Rufus Knight

 There will be events at the space throughout the month, which will cross over with the NYCxDesign Festival (11 — 23 May). 

 On 4:30pm, Saturday 19 May there will be a designers’ talk and panel discussion with Jamie, Nat and Philippe, moderated by design writer Sam Eichblatt. We would like to extend this invitation to the NZ community and anyone on your list with an interest in contemporary design, architecture, and interiors. 

 For any further information on this, please feel free to get in touch with Sam, who is working with Resident to launch the project:

 Additionally, if you would like to make a booking for a consultation and viewing through the space during the rest of the month, please email

Traveling Without Bags

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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