In 2014 Stu Webster traded his 6-day-a-week suit-and-tie job as a partner in a well known law firm in New Zealand for sunny Los Angeles and the joys of working in shorts and jandals year-round.

The most recent check on his bucket list is being a newly minted member of the CA Bar, which means he can now sue/help people in 2 countries!

Stu offers a mixed legal practice encompassing business, corporate, contract, employment and immigration law, so if you’re in the market for some legal direction in either NZ or the US or know someone in a pickle, drop Stu an email


A few years ago Stu co-foundered a company that helps Kiwi’s realize their key market potential in the US and on the flip side helping American’s relocate to NZ.

Although in a niche market, Pinecone has grown another branch and needs a specialist tax expert for referrals – a tax attorney or CPA who has had experience with both the US and New Zealand tax systems.  That person does not have to be a Kiwi, but must have had experience in dual tax jurisdictions and can point to NZ on a map. If you would like to be considered or know of someone who is a perfect candidate for a referral role please email Stu


Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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