Documentary on Dunedin music legends, The Chills

The filmmakers of a new documentary about The Chills are looking for help with a Kickstarter campaign. It has just one week to go, they are 75% of the way there, but this is the nail-biting part where they could really use the support of proud Kiwis with a couple of bucks to spare. Rewards include: a digital download of the film itself (US $20), original artwork by Chills frontman Martin Phillipps, and much more.

Hailing from Dunedin, The Chills are bona-fide New Zealand music legends. They were the first Flying Nun band to make it to the United States. At one point, they were considered “the second best band in the world” by R.E.M.

New Zealand film director Julia Parnell is telling the story of The Chills and their enigmatic frontman Martin Phillipps, one of the best songwriters in the land. Many of the band’s songs – ‘I Love My Leather Jacket’, ‘Pink Frost’ and ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’ – are perennial favourites amongst New Zealanders and indie pop music fans the world over.

It’s a story about great highs and very low lows, about ambition, depression, and – of interest to KEA and high-achieving Kiwis everywhere – about the life-saving work of New Zealand’s medical science superstars.

All the info is here:

This exclusive excerpt from the film was premiered by major US music website Pitchfork at the beginning of the campaign, an indicator of The Chills’ respect in the global music scene:

The filmmakers have official backing and funding, they just need a boost at the moment as a lot of the other funding doesn’t kick in until a certain point in the process (as is usual with feature films).

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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