Fellow NZer Chris White, currently living in Dallas, has partnered with Trammell S. Crow – philanthropist, entrepreneur, preeminent environmentalist, and founder of the world’s largest Earth Day (EARTHx) and together they have engaged best-in-class architects, landscapers, and engineers and are working to make Merino Downs the most accessible and sustainable, intimate, luxury living community in the Mackenzie country. Merino Downs is in the heart of New Zealand’s high country – the Mackenzie Basin Region – halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown on State Highway 8. This Central South Island location has a rugged, idyllic serenity that is difficult to experience in the more urbanized tourist destinations. Unlike nearby mountain destinations, the quaint, small Kiwi-town feel has survived in the Mackenzie, amid large-scale high country runs. The landscape is full of untouched horizons so epic they have been the backdrop for stories like The Lord of the Rings. Under the wide-open skies, family memories are made that will be shared through the generations. This is a place to simply – and fully – enjoy the outdoors.

This subdivision is not about maximizing the number of lots, it’s about maximizing lifestyle. With a total of 34 (5,000–6,000 m2 / 53,000–64,000 sq. ft.) lots, Merino Downs is a small, exclusive community of like-minded families who cherish nature and the laidback Kiwi connection to this unique environment.

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Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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