Introducing the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute (NZARI)

From Professor Gary Wilson (Director of NZARI,  Chief Scientific Advisor for Antarctica New Zealand and Professor of Marine Science & Geology at Otago University)

The New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute (NZARI) is a trust that is engaged with the fact that Antarctica finds itself at the frontline of the impact of climate change. With no permanent residents, and with the fact that resulting sea level rise from melting ice sheets and changes to the Southern Ocean ecosystem, addressing the challenge of climate change in Antarctic is a global challenge that transcends individual government interests.

While a number of governments undertake research and participate in the Antarctic Treaty, their research programmes are inevitably focussed on national perspective and interest. As we know that doesn’t always deliver the best outcomes for their citizens, neighbouring governments, or the environment. NZARI takes the view that we need to work on what is in Antarctica’s and the wider globe’s interest. In this sense, our research is focussed on accelerating answers to questions that address Antarctica’s future with a warming climate and the impact of that on the wider world.

With that in mind, we are directing our meagre resources to look at critical elements of the wider physical ice and ocean system as well as the linked unique and iconic ecosystems. We have launched a major research effort to investigate the Ross Ice Shelf – the largest floating glacier in the world and the buffer between the cold ice sheets and the warming ocean. We have also initiated a monitoring programme at the northern-most limit of the Ross Sea to provide early detection of changing ocean and climate in Antarctica. NZARI is also engaged in drawing key stakeholders into the challenge – media, governments, and educators – through our winter school and TEDx talks.

We are in a unique position because the New Zealand government is very supportive of public private partnerships and will match every dollar we can raise for this important work with additional research support as well as logistics support for our Antarctic expedition to make those hard-won advances.

One thing folks often ask is why do we need more research? Well, Antarctica falls in the gaps of our understanding. Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change only refer to Antarctica in passing, when the panel noted that their advice on future climate change did not include any unpredictable response from Antarctica. Yet, Antarctica will produce the majority of sea level change and change to the marine food-web.

We know that Antarctica responded at previous high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere but that all happened much more slowly and now we have increased CO2 at an unprecedented rate and knowing when the ice sheets and ocean will catch up is critical for future planning and decision-making, even if only to inform us as to what sort of timeframes we are working on and finding out how much is too much.

To deliver its science programme, NZARI has launched a prospectus to raise $50 m (over 5 years) to deliver its targeted research outcomes and we’d be very keen to share that and further material with any interested folks who can help us make a difference to this most challenging and global problem. Our scientists are up to the challenge and spend many weeks and months away from family enduring hardship to get these answers. Hopefully some of your readers can help us deliver in time for humanity.

For more information NZARI Ted Talk

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The New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN) in New York is seeking to recruit an Executive Assistant.

The Executive Assistant is responsible for providing support to the Permanent Representative and Deputy Permanent Representative to help ensure the efficient and smooth running of the office. In addition, this role has some communications responsibilities.

The role comes with a G1 Visa which is a 5 year renewable visa.

Check out the details here


Excited to announce the Sales & Marketing Jams Round #5 – Launch

The Jams turn two this coming September! A program and event series that we started to help build the capability of our community of startups, founders and talent before they launch in offshore markets so that they are more ready to land.

The Sales and Marketing Jams are back for round 5 on September 25th-29th, with three locations – Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. We’ll be bringing three amazing speakers down from San Francisco from brands that you’ll most likely recognise, with a key focus on growth marketing, getting more leads, looking through the product lens and how to tell your story better as well as much more of a conversation centered around what you want to know to grow your business over the next 6 months.

A key focus for us is helping our community grow great businesses regardless of where they end up exporting to. Join 1,150 other people and the 900 businesses who have attended a jam in the past.

Excited to welcome new sponsors Spark, Xero and Interlike, as well as our core foundation sponsors continuing to support our mission to help support the success of the New Zealand business community – Air New Zealand, BNZ, NZTE, 90 Seconds and ChristchurchNZ.

Get your tickets here, this is your formal invite.



  • Dexibit is now collaborating with one of the World’s top 5 galleries

  • Shuttlerock becomes a facebook marketing partner

  • Unfiltered just launched their new brand, look and platform gearing for the US launch

  • Thematic revealed they’ve been part of the lastest Y-Combinator batch in San Francisco

  • Kiwi Landing Pad won an award for our bilateral services deepening connection between New Zealand & the USA making it easier for Kiwi tech companies to export and land and expand into the US market.

  • Allbirds continues to fly

  • The Edmund Hillary Fund announces their first cohort, another world first

  • Science Exchange announces raising their Series C round to continue growing


Experiment: Talent & Jobs

Our talent experiment continues, if you are looking to hire mid to senior/strategic talent or are looking for a mid-senior role in a high growth NZ company please fill out the form below (Including internationals).

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New Zealand Tech Companies currently hiring



Recent newcomers to the SF/West Coast USA Kiwi community


  • Carl Sanders – Jumpshift

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Perruchot de La Bussiere

  • Elyse Perry


VISITORS here and coming August/September:

* If i’ve missed anyone let me know!

  • Laura Reitel – Creative HQ

  • Greg Ramsay – Ratho Farm

  • Charlie Meaden – Up Roar

  • Myles Sutherland – ESRI

  • Jesse Teat – Tussock Innovation

  • Nick Churchouse – Creative HQ

  • Amelia Devine – Creative HQ

  • Alyona Medelyan – Thematic

  • Steve Pirie – Nurture Change

  • Ryan Everton – Globelet

  • Jessica Brown & Department of Internal Affairs Visit

  • Ross McConnell – Blinder

  • Julian Garrett – Aliniant

  • Matthew Gray – Singularity

  • Matheus Baumgart – Auror

  • Scott McNally – Seek Australia

  • Robett Hollis – Aranui Ventures

  • James Rangihika – AO Skincare

  • Mark Gray – AO Skincare

  • Yoseph Ayele – Edmund Hillary Fund

  • Paul Bickley – Ask Nicely


August & September Kiwi Landing Pad Events:

  • Recap: Kiwi Founder Series – August – Victoria Ransom

  • Recap: Marketing Attribution – August – Bizible

  • August 24th 10am NZT – How To Get More Leads – Menaka Shroff – Betterworks & Box

  • September 1st  9am NZT – Kiwi Landing Pad Monthly AMA – Through the Product Lens

  • September 14th – Kiwi Founder Series – Elizabeth Irons, Founder @ Science Exchange

  • September 26th – Christchurch Sales & Marketing Jam

  • September 27th – Wellington Sales & Marketing Jam

  • September 29th – Auckland Sales & Marketing Jam

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August & September Conferences & Events:

** For those wishing to attend the SaaStr Annual 2018 who have not been emailed as part of the Callaghan/NZTE Delegation please send me an email for NZ or Australia discount codes and further information. 


Community/Resource things to check out:

JOIN: the Kiwi Landing Pad community here.

LAUNCH: Sales & Marketing Jams Round #5


NZ Companies you should know – check them out:

Soul Machines – Highly engaging Digital Humans with personality and character. Brought to life with our Embodied Cognition Platform. Emotional Intelligence for AI

Xandra – A conversation design agency. Bringing more humanity to technology. Conversation design using AI and chatbots.

Nudge – The first native content analytics platform, agencies & publishers track, measure & optimize their native content.

Osnova – Osnova is creating an AI based private tutor for maths. We will democratise education and give everyone with internet access to free high quality education.

Jude – Your private banker.

Teknique – Teknique designs and engineers groundbreaking miniaturized video cameras that work wirelessly for security, driver safety, and action sports.

O2O2 – O2O2 allows those in polluted megacities like Beijing and London to reclaim their outdoor lifestyles and commute and exercise without fear of pollution

Hectre – Orchard Management Software

Snapithd – Providing systems, hardware and AI for computer vision applications. Working in the maritime and construction industries.

Swyft – Swyft is the disruptive turn-key automated retail channel for brands, retailers, franchise vend operators and enterprises to innovatively engage with users.



The Kiwi Landing Pad team is currently in New Zealand for the next 2 months focusing on relaunching our brand and messaging, socialising the progress we have made in the last 3 years. We are very excited to launch the Sales & Marketing Jams for the 5th time, as well as continuing our weekly webinar series which is close to achieving the milestone of having 2000 attendees over an 18 month window and 32 webinars so far.

As always, please let us know how we can help or what you need, we are just an email and answer away.

Have a good end of month!

Sian Simpson

Director of Community

@ Kiwi Landing Pad

New Zealand Women’s Rugby

The New Zealand Silver Ferns Rugby Team will be playing the USA Eagles women’s rugby team tomorrow Tuesday August 22nd in a World Cup semi-final match.

The game will be shown “LIVE” on NBC Sports with kick-off at noon

Details here