STORM SYSTEMS LTD is an Auckland-based company that developed the world’s first automated water-driven security systems. The systems use sensor units to identify potential offenders and drench them in a blast of water spray, which also acts as a deterrent and prevents paint adhesion. Their products are market proven to be 100% effective in preventing both graffiti and public urination.

They expect to launch their products in the USA within the next 12 months. Storm Systems is currently raising NZ$1m for ~30% of the company. Pacific Channel, an Auckland investment company, has invested NZ$50,000 and is seeking co-investors on the same terms.

Please click here to see a summary of the company and here for a full information memorandum for further information. If you are interested, please contact

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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