Originally from Kaiapoi Bernie has lived in Australia and UK. After returning to NZ she heard of aromatherapy and eventually ended up back in England where she studied aromatherapy which meant she also needed to learn massage. A few years later reflexology started calling her name and she then discovered that she was indeed a reflexologist that did massage rather than a massage therapist that does reflexology.

(Bernie finds reflexology works on a much deeper level than massage as it not only works the muscles but every system in the body, not to mention emotional issues).

While in England Bernie had her own business and also worked at a local BUPA (private) hospital. While at the hospital a client asked if she was interested in doing corporate work, which she ended up doing one day a week, and a day a week at BT (British Telecom).  About that time she was approached to teach both practitioner classes and interest classes.

Now in Northern Indiana she still practices (although it has taken a while for reflexology to start catching on) and has had the pleasure of continuing her education with workshops each year when educators come from overseas. Bernie was recently elected as a new board member of the Reflexology Association of America and is currently looking into studying New Zealand flower essences to further assist clients, which works mainly on the emotional side, but she often finds physical problems are due to emotional problems we have.

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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