Reihana Koteka-Wiki is a 25 year-old from Rarotonga, Cook Islands, who moved to NYC about 1 month ago after traveling and working around the world on her O.E this past year. 

She graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Pacific Island Studies in 2015. Already a licensed fitness instructor/personal trainer, she went on to work at numerous gyms and varsity sports teams throughout Connecticut. In addition to coaching and teaching fitness, her administrative roles included managing clients’ accounts, working the reception desk, managing social media, event planning and marketing (fundraisers for Cancer foundations), as well as handling employment matters and payroll. 
Reihana has previously worked in tourism/ hospitality in Rarotonga, where she gained experience as a housing manager, working in customer service, marketing, planning tours and handling bookings. 

She has a valid G4 visa and has lived in the United States a total of 7 years. She has only recently moved to New York City and searching for new job opportunities. She is open to work in a wide range of areas. She intends to begin her Masters in the coming year and aims to pursue a career in development and humanitarian affairs. 

Reihana is an enthusiastic, energetic, efficient and organized worker who is eager to learn and develop herself. She would love to learn of any insights, advice or possible opportunities. Please reach out to Reihana directly:

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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