Originally from Auckland Margaret and Barry Camac now reside in Atlanta, GA where they have been since 1987. Prior to that they lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba where Barry gained his Master of Architecture and Margaret her Master of Education degrees. Before Atlanta they were in Texas where Barry designed and developed three projects (Tierra Encantada, Laguna del Sol, and Landfall towers) on Padre Island. 

Four beautiful daughters later they moved to Dallas where Barry was involved in construction and Margaret worked with the Dallas Mayoral Office on International Affairs. Three of their daughters are married with Bianca an Emergency Room Pediatrician, Karla an attorney with the Justice Project in WA with Paula and Victoria living in Atlanta. 

Margaret’s grandfather, Augustus Durnett  was a Union soldier and moved to New Zealand after the American Civil War – he is buried in Karori, Wellington. Her research uncovered a book entitled ‘The Doolittles in America ‘– and there she found portraits of her American family. The Doolittle’s (Puritans) had moved to America in the 1640s and as patriot ancestors fought in the American War of Independence,  therefore making NZ family members  eligible to become DAR or SAR members of the American Revolution. Margaret also found Durnett  ancestors buried in the Episcopal Historical Cemetery of Galveston Texas and a Durnett relation gave her a book with photographs of the Durnett boys as cowboys. Two of Augustus Durnett’s sons Allen and Robert Durnett died in France in WW1 fighting with the Wellington and Auckland branches of the NZ Army. During the 100 Year Remembrance Memorials in Belgium, a NZ relative, Sam Appleton with the Armed forces, laid a wreath on their graves.

Margaret and Barry travel to New Zealand as often as time allows and they miss their beloved Piha and hiking in the South Island.

Author: GBA

Retired New Zealand/American/British citizen living in New York City.

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