– Overheard in the Pig n Whistle on West 36th street NYC.

First NZ Lady – “Oh god, here he comes. Worst Aussie ever”.…..“Hello Potholes”

“Potholes” – Ah, g’day ladies. Luvly day eh?

First NZ Lady – “Yes indeed. Almost hot enough for a swim”

“Potholes” – “Yeah, it was a day like taday when my dad used to row me out in the bay and I’d swim back”

2nd NZ Lady – “Oh my, that must have been fun”

“Potholes” – “Swimming back was fun but getting out of the sack was the hard part!”  


Regen is a Wellington company that is currently raising capital. Regen provides specialist software services to farmers providing them with daily, accurate, water and effluent irrigation recommendations as well as Nitrogen application rates.

Regen’s market leading software ensures pasture is kept within its optimal growing range, while reducing water use and minimizing nitrate leaching.  In NZ, recent regulatory changes require that farmers manage nutrients and water if they are to continue to irrigate. The company intends to develop its technology for almond, maize, cotton and almond crops for use in the USA. Please click here to see a detailed investment memorandum and here for a video.


Originally from Titahi Bay, Wellington, Bryan now lives in, READING PA where he has been since 1994. Prior to that Bryan worked in the Finance Dept. at the New Zealand Embassy after moving to Washington DC from NZ in 1986.

He is a Financial Advisor/Partner for Berkshire Investment Group and If you’re looking for investment advice or have financial questions he can be contacted, on his work phone 610-371-0665 or his cell 484-529-9443.


New Zealand / New York entrepreneurial brothers Derek and Calum Handley have teamed up again, this time it’s to remove ‘lost’ from our vocabulary.  

They have created the smartest tracking device in the world, it easily attaches to those everyday items that tend to go missing: wallet, keys, laptop, bag, bike and the list goes on. Magpie also removes feelings of anxiety, for parents who can attach the device to their children’s clothing and for pet-owners who can clip it on any collar. 

Magpie is a GPS-enabled global tracking device that works anywhere in the world where there is cellular service and it is free for all who pledge just $5 to their Kickstarter campaign! Head over there and back them to get your Magpie now