Creative Technologies seek growth capital for novel data archival system. Creative Technologies has developed a proprietary system of storing data long term with no loss of data, cheaper operating costs that is intrinsically un-hackable called “Write Once Read Forever” (WORF). Creative Technologies uses colour interference patterns to encode data onto a thin silver halide emulsion. Once encoded the data is expected to remain readable for over 500 years and will require no electricity for storage. With the demand for data storage is expected to increase exponentially given the current rate at which new data is being produced, the WORF technology has benefits over multiple applications. The patent estate for the technology will be transferred over to a single purpose entity named Wave Domain into which investment is sought.  Please click here for the investment presentation, which includes Letters of Intent from potential clients including NASA.
WORF is well positioned to become a key technology in an industry where the world market for data storage is expected to be around USD 5 billion. The lead inventors of the technology are proven scientists and engineers who have been heavily involved in the development of HDTV, magnetic data cards and other breakthrough technologies in the last decade. The NZ connection is through Jim Mervis, who also Chairs several NZ tech companies including Engender Technologies. The company seeks USD1,000,000 for 10% of the Company. This seed financing is to ensure the Company has sufficient resources to continue product and business development; and negotiations for a financing with potential venture and strategic ventures.  Should you have any interest in this investment opportunity please contact Brent Ogilvie at Pacific Channel.

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