“TOP RIGHT APPAREL”- Founded by fellow NY/NZer Luke Mayes (originally from Mairangi Bay, a graduate of Auckland University, and officer in the RNZAF) Luke and custom clothier Todd Goldsmith came up with the idea last year while enjoying a few pints and watching a Premier League match.

Todd and Luke are huge soccer fans who love the passion, drama, tribalism, songs, and constant banter of the beautiful game and thought a brand that carries the collective energy of the game’s fans is needed. As Luke describes it, “When you wear Top Right, you surreptitiously carry the positive energy of everyone who loves football. That’s powerful. You will not only look great and feel better; you will be more awesome as a result. Who doesn’t want that?” And get this…..TOP RIGHT APPAREL donate $1.00 to Soccer Without Borders for every t-shirt sold.

More info about the company (including purchase of the shirts) can be found here –

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