The preschool software startup out of New Zealand, Educa, now has an office in Westchester, NY.  Educa is NZ angel-funded, with around 1,200 clients in New Zealand, Australia and now the US.  The US office is headed up by Geoff Nixon.

Educa is documentation and communications software that allows teachers to update parents in real-time, and to connect those updates to a curriculum. The sharing of learning between parent and teacher builds a collaboration that has an exciting impact on learning outcomes.  Read more

While the US early childhood education is behind NZ, there is a lot going on as the mindset in the US Is moving from  “daycare” to “preschool.”  Universal pre-K, state quality standards are two powerful trends in Educa’s favor.

Educa has 2 commission-based sales people — one in NY, one in Seattle — and is looking for a third.  It’s also interested to meet kiwis who have experience in the pre-K sector.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions or have an interest in a full or part-time sales role give Geoff Nixon a call at 914.354.0134or email

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