New Zealanders have had a long history of achieving at the very highest levels in the United States, whether in business, arts, sports, information technology, science, and medicine, or higher education academics. However, for many this journey to succeed in the United States is difficult and challenging. Setting up in a new country away from family, friends, and support, with new rules and regulations, different expectations and processes. For many New Zealanders, this can be overwhelming and even stop them from reaching their dreams and potential achievements.

We are looking to set a NZ-US Leadership Network with the mission to help New Zealanders achieve their potential success through leveraging the synergy of available resources. Our vision is for New Zealanders to achieve at the highest levels in the United States and contribute on a global stage.

We are in the process of working with existing groups and established New Zealanders to set this network up. We will look at first having an annual NZ-US Leadership Network conference and dinner event. We will develop additional resources and events as needed.

We are currently establishing a working group and if you would be like to be a part of this working group, be involved, or would like to be kept informed, please email below.  Xaviour Walker – Geriatric Fellow, University of California Irvine – Hospitalist and Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician –

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