When I started sending these newsletters out last year there were 72 recipients, and now, thanks to folks spreading the word we have over 650 recipients. While most are in metro NY many others are outside this area, which means it will no longer be the New Zealand – New York – Newsletter but simply The New Zealand – Newsletter. I thought this name was better than The Kiwi Chronicle, What’s Up Whānau or The Two Minutes Silence.


New Zealand artist Kate Newby is known for her subtle, poetic and humorous installations that often respond to the conditions of everyday life. Kate has been selected to take part in an exhibition at the prestigious Sculpture Centre in Queens that opens on the 28th of January and runs through to March the 27th. This exhibition features newly commissioned works by Kate installed in both in the outdoor courtyard and inside the Sculpture Centre itself:


DUB (Down Under Bakery) needs staff. They are partnering with a number of bars to take over their food service operation and have various positions available. They are particularly looking for people with hospitality management experience and front line servers, cooks, site managers, operations managers multiple location directors etc. etc. Not all locations will be as coffee-centic as the DUB café and truck but knowledge of serving great flat whites would be beneficial. Please send your resume and cover letter to the DUB Operations Team at


From Angus Vail – “As we march into 2017, heads held high, we wanted to give you an early heads-up about a Container Globe (or the “Iron O” as some like to call it) exhibition that we’ll be presenting at the lovely ORA gallery in New York City, that will start at the beginning of February, and run the entire month. The exhibition is titled “Never Mind the Bollocks – Here’s The Container Globe” because we think that both Shakespeare was a bit of a punk rocker for his time (for upending and exploding the world of playwriting) and that the Container Globe is a punk reimagining of Shakespeare’s original Globe. We’d love to see you, meet you, hug and share a beverage with you – so if you’re in New York in February, come see us! Please tell your friends, fellow bardolators, frothing Shakespeare academics and one and all…The location of the ORA gallery is on 7th Ave between 13th & 14th streets – – Opening reception date and hours TBA…stay tuned for more – and/or please follow, fawn over and hit them up on FB, Insta, Twitter etc! –


New Zealanders have had a long history of achieving at the very highest levels in the United States, whether in business, arts, sports, information technology, science, and medicine, or higher education academics. However, for many this journey to succeed in the United States is difficult and challenging. Setting up in a new country away from family, friends, and support, with new rules and regulations, different expectations and processes. For many New Zealanders, this can be overwhelming and even stop them from reaching their dreams and potential achievements.

We are looking to set a NZ-US Leadership Network with the mission to help New Zealanders achieve their potential success through leveraging the synergy of available resources. Our vision is for New Zealanders to achieve at the highest levels in the United States and contribute on a global stage.

We are in the process of working with existing groups and established New Zealanders to set this network up. We will look at first having an annual NZ-US Leadership Network conference and dinner event. We will develop additional resources and events as needed.

We are currently establishing a working group and if you would be like to be a part of this working group, be involved, or would like to be kept informed, please email below.  Xaviour Walker – Geriatric Fellow, University of California Irvine – Hospitalist and Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physician –


The preschool software startup out of New Zealand, Educa, now has an office in Westchester, NY.  Educa is NZ angel-funded, with around 1,200 clients in New Zealand, Australia and now the US.  The US office is headed up by Geoff Nixon.

Educa is documentation and communications software that allows teachers to update parents in real-time, and to connect those updates to a curriculum. The sharing of learning between parent and teacher builds a collaboration that has an exciting impact on learning outcomes.  Read more

While the US early childhood education is behind NZ, there is a lot going on as the mindset in the US Is moving from  “daycare” to “preschool.”  Universal pre-K, state quality standards are two powerful trends in Educa’s favor.

Educa has 2 commission-based sales people — one in NY, one in Seattle — and is looking for a third.  It’s also interested to meet kiwis who have experience in the pre-K sector.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions or have an interest in a full or part-time sales role give Geoff Nixon a call at 914.354.0134or email