MAGNIFICENT BAY OF ISLANDS PROPERTY FOR SALE: – A New Zealand family here in the USA has put their property in the heart of the Bay of Islands up for sale. If you’re looking for a unique stunning property in the heart of the Bay of Islands then this will interest you. You’re only a few minutes by boat from the other 144 islands – fishing and scallop beds just around the corner, other secluded beaches nearby.

Access to the property is by boat, through a private driveway off the Russell back road and then a 5 minute boat ride across Orokawa Bay. This nearly 15 acre property sits at the entrance to Orokawa Bay and comprises the western most peninsula and has a home beach in front of the residence and another easily accessible beach over the hill behind the residence.
The main house is a classic architect Peter Sargisson design built 18 years ago and still looks as good today as the day it was finished.

Photos and a 2 minute video of this magnificent property can be found here

Please contact their agent Chester Rendell at for more information.


CONGRATULATIONS REIHANA MARIE KOTEKA-WIKI: – Reihana won the Miss Cook Islands 2018 Beauty Pageant in September 2018 and is now representing the Cook Islands at the Miss World Pageant in Sanya China.  The Miss World final and crowning will be held on 8th December and will be televised worldwide. You can follow Reihana on her Miss World – Cook Islands Facebook page.

Of all the Miss World 2018 contestants hitting the stage in China, Reihana Koteka Wiki is the most truly global– a Cookie/NZ Maori baby born in Israel and raised across seven nations as part of Dad Pae Wiki’s incredible UN career and mum Emm Koteka-Wiki‘s amazing global health and fitness activism!

NOTE – Reihana’s parents Pae and Emm live in NYC.

Reihana has lived in and experienced some incredibly diverse cultures, scenery and architecture but her heart has always been in Rarotonga, which will always  be home to her. Her dad Pae has been employed by the United Nations since before she was born in Israel in the early 90’s. Together with her three sisters and Mum this “woman’s household” have followed the token bloke on his postings around the world, moving every 3-4 years. Reihana is now home to stay. She’s thoroughly enjoying her first time being involved with Te Maeva Nui, reconnecting with her Atiu side. The Atiu youth and teenagers she tells me are fun and engaging and she values her “learning” time spent with the elders and composers.

Reihana completed her degree at Auckland University in 2015, she majored in Psychology (minor Pacific Studies). It was during this time her entrepreneurial side first presented itself when she started a baking business selling cake pops to fellow students.  She also founded the Lilikoi Bikini business just over a year ago. She enjoys hiking mountain treks, reading, keeping fit and exploring the lagoons of Rarotonga.

Reihana is passionate about fitness (having fitness instructor parents has clearly rubbed off on her). She considers herself relatively disciplined and motivated (to that end her Mum has been a great role model). Exercise time is her time to “tune out”. She enjoys group fitness classes and the positive energy that comes with it – “it’s like therapy.”

A competitive swimmer in her teenage years, the butterfly was her strongest stroke and the one she won the medals for whilst competing in Kenya.

Keep your eye on the Miss World 2018 contest final on December 8th and don’t be surprised if Reihana wears the crown –



 “You know my grandad was Irish and my dad a Kiwi and when they were my age they had amassed, like, 30 coffee cans full of screws, nuts and washers. I have none. What the hell have I done with my life?”


CONGRATULATIONS JAKE MILLAR AND YUKKIA OGINO: – Two young New Zealanders have been named on Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” list of individuals in education to watch in North America.

Jake Millar and Yuuki Ogino are the founders of Unfiltered, a global education platform dedicated to disrupting the way people learn business and entrepreneurship.

Unfiltered offers video interviews with many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, and has attracted 27 million video views as well as strategic partnerships with 30 companies including BMW and PwC.

Millar said the pair, who were former school mates, are blown away with the achievement.


KEA END OF YEAR COCKTAIL RECEPTION THURSDAY DECEMBER 6TH: – Kea members are invited to a cocktail event on the evening of December 6th from 6pm – 9pm. Please join Kea Regional Manager Ryan Mulcock, Max Gimblett and Lucy Tupu for an end of year reception in New York City.
Please contact Ryan Mulcock at for more information to this invite only event.


ALONE IT STANDS: – On October 31, 1978, a small Irish rugby team faced off against the New Zealand All Blacks, rightly considered one of the best rugby teams in history. Ireland was in the grip of a terrible recession and war was waging in Northern Ireland, and this scrappy team from Munster’s surprise victory rocked the island.
Award-winning Irish playwright/director John Breen revisits this David vs. Goliath story that captured and entranced Irish people everywhere. Six actors playing 62 characters recreate this dynamic sporting event in a performance that The Stage called “poetic and exceptional.” 

This play will be in NYC Jan 10 through Jan 29th at the 59e59 Theater.


 INTRODUCING JESS LUXTON: – Jess moved to NYC at the beginning of the year with her three young daughters and her husband Matt, who is setting up and running an office for the Silver Fern Farms Company in the US.

Prior to moving Jess has had a wide range of roles initially joining the NZ police after graduating from The University of Otago. After four years based in emergency response in Christchurch her desire to travel won out and she moved to London, but after a year there – taking up the adventure of cheffing on Super yachts around the globe. After seeing the growth in the wellness industry whilst traveling, she and Matt returned home to New Zealand to start a business – Erban Spa.

During this time she managed the Executive Education programme at Otago University and had the first two of her three children. Amongst other things in this role Jess was involved in running a joint venture known as FAME (Food and Agribusiness Market Experience) with two other universities and taking leaders from the Agribusiness sector to the US and further afield to look at the industry from an NZ inc perspective.

Jess set up Erban Spa in her hometown of Dunedin when she first arrived back in 2007 and after several years they franchised the model. At one point owning and directing spas in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. Now predominantly South Island based Erban spa is a model devoted to wellbeing, offering a wide range of beauty, massage and skincare with a NZ organic menu focusing on beauty from the inside out. Jess manages the franchise from afar with a great team in place back at home but is very aware of the emerging trends and developments within the industry and finds it an exciting field to be part of.

Taking some time out in NY has been great for settling her three young daughters into a new schooling system whilst working to develop an app with two other kiwis (Leon Kirkbeck -also based in NYC and an Auckland based marketer Tor White) around making end of life a subject for everyone to be a part of whether, young, old, healthy or not. The app is designed to collate all your important information and messages to create a legacy for the future. Not only encouraging conversations and ideas about your end of life but passing on your knowledge and thoughts to family and friends. It’s a super exciting industry and topic that everyone should feel comfortable talking about. They may be looking for seed funding in the future and are super excited about developing other opportunities within the model.

Jess can be contacted at


INTRODUCING VICTORIA BROWNLEE: – Originally from West Auckland, Victoria is a final-year student at the University of Auckland. She has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and is studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Relations.

Earlier this year Victoria co-directed a month-long study tour of the US for sixteen New Zealand university students and arranged meetings with 55 speakers at 32 organisations ranging from Google to the World Bank. She also took the delegation to the Harvard National Model United Nations conference where she fell in love with the feeling of possibility in New York and set herself a goal of returning within a year.

Four months later, she was offered an internship at the United Nations. With the support of the University and the Peace & Disarmament Education Trust, she was able to relocate from West Auckland to NYC and now works for the Strategic Planning Unit in the Office for Disarmament Affairs. She advises on many issues including nuclear weapons in North Korea and the role of artificial intelligence in security.

Aside from her UN job, Victoria works for the University of Auckland as a Special Project Lead for New York. her role involves interviewing  alumni in the US with a view to creating a new global alumni engagement strategy. She pitched the idea for the project to help surpass a target of engaging half of the 170,000+ alumni by the end of 2019.

Victoria is returning home at Christmas to finish her studies in Summer School and plans on coming back to New York in mid-2019. She would love to create a permanent job fostering connections between Kiwis abroad and is particularly interested in helping Kiwi businesses expand into the US market.

Victoria is keen to hear from fellow tall poppies and can be contacted at or reach out via LinkedIn!


TIME FOR A LAUGH: – Guy Montgomery grew up in Christchurch, went to Victoria University in Wellington where he incredibly (his words) managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film and Media (as it is widely understood, this is one of the more challenging degrees).

He then moved to Auckland for a few years, working odd jobs in the media and supermarket promotions before deciding to have a serious tilt at comedy and moving to Toronto in 2012. After a year of performing at every open mic available his visa ran out so he returned to Auckland to host a lite night talk show on the now defunct TVNZU. After that he performed his first solo show Guy Montgomery Presents A Succinct and Concise Summary of How He Feels About Certain Things at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival and won the Billy T for this show and has performed a new hour at the NZICF every year since. 

 In 2018 he enjoyed a sold out run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and was invited to perform at Just For Laughs 42 in Toronto. After that he did a month long tour through India as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow.

AND GET THIS: –  Guy is performing in a show “Guy Montgomery Presents I’m Friends With These People” at Union Hall in Brooklyn at 7pm on Thursday December 20th. The show also features Mitra Jouhari, Dan Licata, Rachel Kaly, Steven Markow, Eudora Peterson, and Lorelei Ramirez. Come and laugh, cheer and hoot for Guy in what promises to be a great night out.


LOOKING FOR NYC APARTMENT TO RENT: Fellow NZer Katrina Roberts is looking for a NYC apartment to sublet for 2, 3 or 4 months from January 15th. Studio is fine. Please contact her at


THIS DAY IN NZ HISTORY: – In the cold, dark hours before dawn on 3 December 1910, Freda du Faur and her guides Peter and Alexander (Alec) Graham left their tent and started towards the summit of Aoraki/Mt Cook. Later that day, du Faur stood by herself on the peak after becoming the first woman to complete the ascent – in record time.

 More information here –


 CONGRATULATIONS TIFFANY FAA’EE: – Tiffany has just been appointed as a specialist coach to New York’s first ever professional rugby team “Rugby United New York”

She is the first female coach in US men’s professional rugby history. As a player Tiffany has competed internationally for the USA Eagles, leading them as captain in the 2017 World Cup. Tiffany was born in in Los Angeles and spent parts of her childhood in New Zealand and Samoa and has also represented both countries on the International stage. 

AND FOR THOSE WITH FRIENDS WHO HAVE “EVERYTHING” – Rugby United New York is now offering kit for sale – – Guarantee your friends in NZ would “love” to wear this.

 Rugby United New York 2019 schedule can be found on their website at


 AND FINALLY: – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Cheers

New Zealand November Newsletter – My Apologies

My apologies to Jake Millar for leaving this hugely important note off the last newsletter. Jake has taken it on himself to raise money and awareness of youth suicide in New Zealand and the following was meant to be in last weeks newsletter. Once again, my apologies for leaving it off. Cheers


From Jake Millar – Dear fellow New Zealanders and friends.

Over the last 10 months I have been working alongside Lifeline, New Zealand’s suicide prevention agency as an Ambassador to raise money for youth suicide awareness in New Zealand.

As you may know, the youth suicide rate in New Zealand is the worst in the developed world.

Every 63 hours, a young person in New Zealand takes their own life (under 24-years-old). That is more than one every three days, or 137 a year. For a population of 4.5 million in one of the most developed countries in the world, this is shocking (New Zealand has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.915; we are the 13th most developed country in the world). To give you some context, our youth suicide rate is twice as high as the United States, and almost five times as high as the United Kingdom. This is definitely a cause that needs some attention.

My goal was to raise $100,000 over the year through a series of fundraising dinners and lunches, and we’re currently sitting at $88,500 which is awesome.

The next event I am organizing is an art auction this Thursday, 15 November 2018 at Annette Presley’s house on Clifton Road, with an ambitious goal to raise $150,000 in one night.

We have over 150 guest attending in person and I wanted to touch base with you all to share the online catalogue which went live today:

We have over $150,000 in art and auction items donated by artists including Tim Wilson, Fiona Pardington, Grahame Sydney, Karl Maughan, Billy Apple, Dick Frizzell, Fiona Kerr Gedson, Daniella Hulme, Ross Jones, Geoff Williams, Mark Olsen, Sam Mitchell, Ewan McDougall, Tony de Lautour, Robyn Jacobs, Henry Hargreaves, Ian Hamlin, David Woodings, Gillian Buckley, Holly Schroder, Dean Raybould, Rt Hon John Key, Shane Hansen, Brad Novak, Brad Robson, Neil Driver and Ingrid Boot.

We built this platform to give New Zealanders abroad the evening the opportunity to browse the artwork in advance and place any advance bids on the work if you wish.

Online bidding will close at 5:00pm sharp this Thursday, 15 November 2018 (NZT).

The purpose of this event is to raise substantial funds for Lifeline who are working tirelessly to turn these statistics around. We have been overwhelmed by the support of artists and our delivery partners from around New Zealand. This is clearly a cause New Zealanders at home and around the world are very passionate about.

I can confirm that 100% of any art purchase will be paid directly to Lifeline.

Any questions can be sent to my EA Emma on

Best wishes, and thank you very much,


New Zealand Newsletter November, 2018

INTRODUCING KARL FLEET: – From being the most awarded advertising creative in Australasia, to professional wrestling heavyweight champion of New Zealand, to completing a Master’s in Creative Writing, to writing the first three books in his new series, The Truth Files.

Karl is ‘the body-slamming adman-turned-author’ and has been fascinated by story and the act of storytelling since childhood.

 Born in NaeNae, Wellington, he moved to Auckland in his teenage years, where he later attended college and discovered advertising as a career option. Intrigued by the creative process, he completed a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, with a major in advertising.

During his advertising career, Karl tapped into his love of storytelling and quickly discovered success. In his first year within the industry, Karl won an opportunity to represent New Zealand at Cannes in the Young Lion’s competition. In his second year, he won a rare and highly coveted Gold Pencil award at the One Show. The publication, Campaign Brief,soon named Karl their “Number One Australasian Advertising Creative” for his accomplishment of winning the largest number of international advertising awards between the period of 2008-2009. 

While writing ads, Karl also dabbled in writing scripts for short films. One of them, “Signs,” found a special place in people’s hearts and has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. 

Karl’s love for storytelling even led him down the most unlikely of paths: professional wrestling. As his alter ego, Curt Chaos, he defied the odds and became the New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. He held this prestigious belt for one year and thirteen days—the third longest title run in New Zealand’s history.

Karl then had a crazy idea to write about an ultimate “negative protagonist,” Justin Truth. As the negative protagonist genre is one of the hardest to write, Karl went back to university and earned a master’s in creative writing to help build Justin Truth’s world. Karl spent the next three years writing, crafting, and editing Corporate Truth, Criminal Truth, and Fractured Truth. 

Everything Karl’s learned from advertising, wrestling, and earning his master’s degree comes together as a creative and unique form of written prose that he calls “binge reading.” 

For the past 5 months, Karl has been backpacking across America, putting the finishing touches on the books, building a website and collecting stories. He is currently in New York where he will work and live for the next 7 months, while getting the word out about the Truth Files and searching for an agent to help build the series into a true international best seller and original television series.

 The books are now done and published on Amazon.

And on his website people can download the first book in the series for free. 

Karl can be contacted at


ARMISTICE DAY:is commemorated every year on November 11th to mark to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918. The armistice initially expired after a period of 36 days. A formal peace agreement was only reached when the Treaty of Versailles was signed the following year.[

More than 18,000 New Zealanders lost their lives in World War 1. Many of us lost grandads and uncles in that war and now the NZ Herald has an interactive graphic where you can find out more about them. Tap on any of the soldier’s figures to see their name, rank, unit, how they died, and how many other NZ troops were killed that day.

And then there is the New Zealand War Memorial Museum in Le Quesnoy, France. The liberation of Le Quesnoy – A cornerstone of New Zealand’s great WW1 achievements and what the brave soldiers achieved on November 4th 1918. More details here –

And finally, the St. Georges Society is having a Remembrance Day Observance that will be held in NYC on Sunday Nov. 11th from 10.45am – 12.15pm at the Queen Elizabeth 2nd Garden, 11 Hanover Square NY NY 10005.





All 3 games will be televised *LIVE* in NYC at the Pig n Whistle on 36th street (between 7th and 8th, close to 7th)
All Blacks vs England game will be televised *LIVE* this Saturday Nov. 10th at 10am EST.
All Blacks vs Ireland game will be televised *LIVE* Nov. 17th at 2pm EST
All Blacks vs Italy game will be televised *LIVE* Nov 24th at 9am EST

NOTE: The All Blacks vs England will have a cover charge/entry fee of $20. There is no cover charge for the Ireland and Italy games.


INTRODUCING MIRIAM LAUGESEN: – Dr. Miriam Laugesen, a Wellingtonian and former NYC’er newly relocated to Westport, CT (she still works in the city) and is keen to connect with other Connecticuters and New Yorkers. Miriam is a professor of health policy and management at Columbia University and she has one son, Benji (aged 15).  Miriam grew up in Wellington, but was born in India as her parents were medical missionaries for the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.  Miriam graduated from Victoria University in 1992, with an BA (Hons.) degree in politics. She came to the US on a Fulbright scholarship, first at Washington University, after which she studied at Harvard University. Miriam has lived in the US for 20 years on both the east and west coasts.    

 The Finer Points of “Citizen by Descent”

Here’s a bit of information about Miriam said other kiwis might find helpful. Miriam was told she could not pass on her citizenship to her son– as said, she was born abroad.  It’s very possible that her parents could have upgraded her citizenship to “full” citizenship upon moving back to NZ when she was a child, but like most people probably thought “New Zealander by descent” was perfectly adequate. Being a good intrepid kiwi, she researched NZ immigration law, and discovered a specific policy applying to people whose parents left but returned. She learned that she could remedy this by filing an application and petition the government in New Zealand to be “granted” New Zealand citizenship.  One day, her NZ “citizenship” certificate arrived in the mail—thus allowing her to pass it on.

Her email is



After studying and working in the fashion and textiles/ design world in New Zealand, Georgette has recently moved to NYC to take the next step in her career.

With the focus of expanding her skills and knowledge within the fashion and design industry, she is looking for full or part time work which harnesses her experience and skill as a stylist, editor’s/ executive assistant or in Public Relations and Marketing. Georgette prides herself on being organised, and having the ability to listen and communicate on a professional level, especially in creative environments.

With a strong family background in fashion and textiles, Georgette pursued her passion and focus by studying Fashion, Design and Photography at Diocesan School for Girls in Auckland. After completing her final year whilst harnessing her leadership skills as House prefect, Georgette decided that fashion design was the field she wanted to devote herself to, and subsequently moved to Wellington to Study a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Fashion at Massey University, which she completed with Honours in 2016.

Maintaining her pursuit of a career in Fashion, Georgette worked as the editors assistant at Together Journal Magazine in Auckland where she quickly discovered her passion for styling and subsequently moved into freelance styling for the magazine, whilst also helping create fashion forward editorials for other companies.

Earlier this year Georgette was invited to Showcase her Graduate Fashion Collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. Her collection was widely praised, with outstanding feedback received.

Georgette emigrated to NYC in June this year on a J1 visa, choosing the Lower East Side to settle in. In her short time here, Georgette has already worked on many photoshoots for significant publications such as Town And Country Magazine J.Crew and Rebecca Taylor. She has also been involved in notable events such as this years MTV Video Music Awards, assisting with styling of Award-winning pop artist, Rita Ora.

A visual portfolio of Georgette’s work can be found on her website at




New Zealanders Griff Maclaurin and Steve Yates were part of the International Column of anti-fascist volunteers which marched into Madrid, bolstering the city’s defences against the assault of General Francisco Franco’s rebel armies.

The Spanish Civil War began in July 1936 with a pro-fascist military uprising against the democratically elected Spanish government. Within a few months these Nationalist forces stood poised to take the capital and assume control of most of Spain. The Republican government’s elected representatives had fled the capital for Valencia a few days earlier, with most foreign journalists joining the exodus. One journalist who stayed in Madrid was a young New Zealander, Geoffrey Cox, of the News Chronicle. Cox was on hand to give an eyewitness account of the International Column’s arrival, an event which provided a huge morale boost to the Madrileños struggling to defend their city.

The International Column of November 1936 was made up of anti-fascist volunteers from all over Europe. It was the forerunner of the International Brigades, which brought volunteers from around the world to defend the Spanish Republic. The column was organised by the Communist Party but included a range of volunteers of diverse left-wing persuasions. Among the first column that marched into Madrid was a small unit of ‘English’ machine-gunners which included two Kiwis: Steve Yates, a London electrician reputed to have been born in New Zealand, and Griffith Campbell Maclaurin, a Cambridge graduate originally from Auckland.

The International Column and their Spanish comrades halted the Nationalist assault, but suffered heavy casualties. Griff Maclaurin and Steve Yates were killed in battle within two days of arriving in Madrid. They were the first of the thousands of New Zealanders who would die over the next nine years fighting fascism. Contrary to the expectations of both Franco and the world’s press, Madrid held out under continual bombing and artillery bombardment for another 28 months. The city fell in March 1939 as the war came to an end.

At least 20 New Zealanders served as soldiers in the International Brigades or as medical staff for the Republican forces. Six of these volunteers were killed. Three New Zealanders are known to have served with the Nationalist forces. While for most New Zealanders the Spanish Civil War was a faraway side issue, a number of groups within New Zealand were strongly involved in fundraising activities. The Spanish Medical Aid Committee, the Communist Party, and a number of trade unions raised money to send three nurses directly from New Zealand to Spain. Renee Shadbolt, Isobel Dodds and Millicent Sharples were supported by New Zealand fundraisers throughout their service in Spain.



A big ‘thank you’ to the 70+ Otago University Alumni who attended our 2018 NYC Alumni event and enjoyed the entertainment provided by the one-and-only Mark Simmons – product of Southland, Top Chef Season 4 contestant, and owner of Brooklyn restaurant Kiwiana

Start planning what you will do to celebrate Otago University’s 150th anniversary in 2019 – lots of options described by Vice Chancellor Harlene Haynes in her most informative presentation.

For local NY/NJ area connections and activities, contact

Keep informed by visiting our website at keep connected by signing up at the Otago University Alumni & Friends homepage

New Zealand Newsletter – October, 2018

INTRODUCING THE KEELING’S – From Alyson Eastman – “My husband Hayden, myself (Aly) and my son Corey have only been in New York for two weeks now.  We have urgently moved to New York to get our son lifesaving cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

My husband is originally from New Zealand while I am an American that met him during my gap year back in 2010.  We live in Taranaki where my husband is a dairy farmer and I myself worked for TSB.   

In March 2018, our 19 month old son Corey was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma.  Up until two weeks ago we were living at the Ronald McDonald House in Auckland while our son was receiving treatment at Starship.  Since March Corey has completed six round of intensive chemotherapy and at the end of June had a very successful surgery where over 90% of his tumour was resected.  He had responded to initial treatment very well and we truly believed that we had this terrible disease under control. 

On September 4th a new MRI was done in preparation for Corey’s next phase of treatment.  A few hours later our family was once again knocked to our knees.  The MRI showed aggressive new growth at the primary tumour site, along with a new spot of concern on Corey’s brain.  Rather than preparing our son for the next phase of treatment we began prepping him for brain surgery.

 Corey had the brain tumour removed on September 11th, the pathology came back as neuroblastoma and is classified as a Central Nervous System (CNS) Relapse.  Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of two hospitals worldwide that have a protocol to treat a CNS Relapse.  Our son is luckily a dual US/NZ citizen and the past few weeks have been made rush to get him here.  We are lucky to be here and we have faith that the treatment will be successful for our boy. 

You can follow our New York journey here:”

Aly would love to hear from folks and can be contacted at


MAJOR US ACCELORATOR BACK BLINDER: – One of the leading sports and entertainment accelerators in the US has selected a New Zealand company in their latest cohort.

 After receiving hundreds of applications from around the world, Stadia Ventures has chosen five start-ups to work with this Fall including Blinder, which is a call scheduling and recording application PR managers use to promote and protect their ‘talent’. Using Blinder, the likes of pro athletes and entertainers can be made easily accessible by phone – to the media, fans and sponsors – without exchanging any personal contact details. The system respects privacy and time, while call recordings generate content and preserve the integrity of conversations.

 The founders of Blinder are a couple of old high school mates from South Auckland. Ross McConnell went on to head organisations such as the Kiwi Expats Association (KEA), while Caley Wilson ran communications for the New Zealand rugby league team, which is where the idea for Blinder came about.

 Blinder is already used by Olympic champions, Grammy winners, and teams from the NCAA to the Premier League of English football. Stadia has invested in Blinder and connected the company with advisers who work with the likes of the rapper Nelly and Mark Cuban.


INTRODUCING JENNY CARPENTER: – Originally from Taradale in the Hawkes Bay where she developed a love of horses and the outdoors, Jenny now lives in Rhinebeck, NY where she is the farm manager of Buttonwood Farm – which is a 180 acre property and where she takes care of about 60 horses.

After finishing school her love of horses led her to a position at the Waikato Stud in Matamata where she worked for Gordon Cunningham of the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders.

Part of her job meant traveling to Australia for the annual yearling sales and she worked in Scone (NSW) before returning to the Waikato Stud.

While at the Waikato Stud she decided to seek more International experience and answered an ad to work in Amenia, New York, and in 1992 at the age of 20 arrived in the USA. While in Amenia she met Peter Moore of Buttonwood Farm who took her on to train racehorses and then sponsored her for a green card.

Jenny learned more and more about racehorses including galloping them out of starting gates and speed work, which she loved. She also worked at famous racecourses such as Saratoga and Belmont and learned about rehabbing horses from torn ligaments, torn tendons, fractures and helping them after surgery. She also dealt with foaling, educating babies to accept riders and prepping them for sales.

With all this experience she was ready to take on the position as Farm Manager, which she did in 2006. This is the same year one of the horses she prepped was sold for 1.2 million dollars.

Jenny’s Farm Manager’s position means she has the trust of the owners to make decisions on purchasing breeding mares, buying and selling horses at the major sales and decisions relating to the racehorses at the track.

Jenny is well and truly settled in Rhinebeck and is married with two children. She enjoys running in multiple trail marathons and some 100K’s and is lucky enough to live only 40 minutes from the Catskill Mountains. She can be contacted at


ATTN MUSIC LOVERS: – Wellington born fellow NZer Dean Wareham
will release a new album Dean Wareham vs Cheva Sombre
a collection of “western” songs by the likes of Marty Robbins and Lee Marvin. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes and streaming at Spotify. More information at where you can view the video for “Wayfaring Stranger” directed by his friend (and fellow Kiwi) Jonathan Bree who is currently touring Europe with his own new album. The video was shot in a studio in New Lynn, Auckland.

NOTE: Dean will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on December 7, and January in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


CONVERSATION STARTER:  New Zealand’s newest professional sporting franchise is the “Auckland Tuatara” baseball team.

The team will be based in Auckland and compete in the Australian Baseball League.

The club’s official name, logo and colors were unveiled at a press conference at Auckland Zoo in front of invited guests and media.

Auckland Tuatara board member Brett O’Riley unveiled the Tuatara logo, which features the head of the native New Zealand reptile as well as the teal and royal navy colors that will define the franchise – a link to the region’s marine heritage.

“The Tuatara is an iconic creature unique to New Zealand and part of the Hauraki Gulf Islands conservation program in Auckland. We are celebrating the resilience of the Tuatara as our oldest surviving species, and we want the team to mirror those qualities on the diamond,” Brett O’Riley said.

“We intend to make an annual contribution towards Tuatara conservation through Auckland Zoo and global coverage of the team will raise awareness of New Zealand’s commitment to species protection,” O’Riley added.

The creation of the franchise has been a long time coming with discussions first taking place eight years ago. Late last year Baseball New Zealand was offered a spot in an expanded Australian Baseball League and the decision was made to go for it.

A lot of hard work has gone into putting that idea into practice.

“We have tried to squeeze two years’ worth of work into six months,” said Baseball New Zealand chief executive Ryan Flynn.

“There is a tremendous appetite for professional baseball in New Zealand and we are delighted to be able to give Kiwi sports fans the opportunity to see it first-hand. It is a watershed moment for the sport in New Zealand – Kiwi kids will have a local team to aspire to and our leading players will be able to play professionally while being based here at home.”

The franchise is privately owned, with Baseball NZ as the major shareholder and a number of investors taking part shares in the organization.

The club is grateful for the financial support of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) which invests in an annual Major Events Portfolio on behalf of Auckland Council.

Stuart Turner, Head of Major Events at ATEED, said: “We are pleased to be able to support the establishment of the team’s debut season, which will bring further international exposure for our region in key tourism markets, and add to Auckland’s reputation as one of the world’s top sports event cities.

“In the longer term, the club’s presence in Auckland is projected to make a solid contribution to our region’s visitor economy, and help to directly and indirectly create quality jobs in two key sectors – high performance sport, and tourism.”

The Auckland Tuatara will play 12 home games at McLeod Park in Auckland later this year, starting with their first ever game on New Zealand soil on November 22.

A strong roster is being assembled that will feature at least eight Kiwi players as well as professional players from the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Former big leaguer and experienced manager Steve Mintz has been appointed as the club’s inaugural manager.


FINALLY, A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS IN THE USA (AMERICAN AND NZ) WHO HAVE EVERYTHING: – “Bring A Plate Cook Book” – A book made up of a collection of recipes for Kiwis living in the USA

 The first few pages explain how the book came about what the money raised is going to followed by notes from celebrities (Jim Mora and Rena Owens) then  Kiwi Kitchen translations (meaning Kiwi to USA) and then there are almost 200 recipes including a surprise recipe from our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

This book also includes advertising of Kiwi products that are available both in the USA and NZ

The book is full of great Kiwi recipes that we all grew up on and miss here Stateside.  Many folks have said it made them cry real tears of Joy and Love when they got the book, just simply through the write ups alone let alone all the goodies inside.

To purchase a book, go through your PayPal account and send funds to or contact Jan Brook at the same address.

NOTE: – There are 20 books left for Christmas shipping.


INTRODUCING HELEN KLISSER DURING: – Originally from Auckland, Helen arrived in Boston in 1986 and now lives in Weston, Connecticut where she’s been since the 1990’s.

Helen is an art enthusiast, curator, advisor and mentor who shares her passion, insight and comprehensive understanding of the art world with clients by providing introductions, connections and direct access to major artists’ studios, new talent, leading galleries, museums, curators, art fairs, auction houses and private collections globally.

She has worked as an international consultant to Gibbs Farm (New Zealand) and is a consultant to the Hall Art Foundation (Massachusetts, Vermont, and Germany); and serves as international ambassador at large for Auckland Art Gallery and  Auckland University of Technology, and is a member of The Connecticut Arts Council and chair of the art acquisitions committee for Connecticut, which is a gubernatorial appointment.

She is the artistic director and co-founder with Mary Himes of #UNLOAD: Arts Trigger a Conversation, a statewide initiative in Connecticut to promote conversation through arts and education, around the divisive issue of gun violence in America.  She also is involved with outreach for several institutions and foundations including, The Nature Conservancy, (Connecticut), The Aspen Institute Initiative (New Zealand).

Helen is also an award-winning photojournalist who has taken on assignments worldwide, including for the United Nations with Helen Clark in Rwanda and Malawi, AmeriCares in Haiti (2010 earthquake),Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and El Salvador.

 She is the still photographer for Gaylene Preston’s 2016 documentary film “My Year with Helen,”(Helen Clark)  and her photographs have been published in a wide range of national and international publications. 

In 1972 – 1975 she was on the New Zealand ski team and is 1980 was the University of Auckland Sportswoman of the year.

Helen’s parents Johan and Janna Klisser are also well known as the team that bought Vogels bread (a treasured NZ icon) to New Zealand. They are mentors to many fellow NZer’s with their vision, generosity and passion for life. In 2004 her dad Johan was awarded the MNZM (Member of the New Zealand order of Merit) for services to the Baking Industry and in 1990 they sold their bakery to Goodman Fielder and became farmers/caretakers of Haldon Station a 56,000 acre sheep, cattle and deer station at Lake Benmore in the Mackenzie Basin, South Island.

Helen is a KEA World Class New Zealander Award recipient and can be contacted at website


DELIGHT THE FOOD EXPLORER IN YOU: – Offering the latest & most awarded artisans of New Zealand in a 100% recyclable & compostable subscription box each month, KeteKoha are changing the way we discover through food. Hunting high and low each month for what’s new and exciting in NZ’s food and beverage scene from crackers made with spent Tuatara brewery porter grains, to two ingredient (cacao and coconut sugar) award winning Solomon islands chocolate, every box is a journey of food discovery. From full New Zealand wide showcases to regional exploration.

With a different monthly collection of preserves, snacks, sweets and even wine (!) that cannot be found on shelves anywhere else in the world, you can feel good knowing that your items have small ingredients lists, are ethically sourced & paid for fairly!

Treat yourself to a taste of New Zealand at home and share it with your friends.

 Now, who’s bringing the cheese??


CALLING ALL OTAGO UNIVERSITY ALUMNI: – to join this year’s NYC alumni event which features an update from the Vice Chancellor – with special focus on the 2019 150th Anniversary celebrations, and Guest Speaker, Chef Mark Simmons, product of Southland, Top Chef Season 4 contestant, and owner of Brooklyn restaurant ‘Kiwiana’. Hear about Mark’s journey from the Makarewa Freezing Works to ‘Kiwiana’, and the challenges and rewards of bringing NZ cuisine and ambience to NYC.

 The event takes place on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 – 6:00–8:30pm at the New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations, 600 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016 (please bring ID for building access). RSVP required by October 23rd, 2018 to and  there’s no charge for attendance.


KEA WORLD CLASS NEW ZEALAND AWARDS: –  Nominations are now open for Kea’s 2019 World Class New Zealand Awards. Recommend the ‘world-changing’ Kiwis and Friends of NZ in your network – Kea wants to tell their incredible stories and celebrate their contributions. Kea’s World Class New Zealand Awards celebrate those whose determination, talent, passion and personal attributes make them deserving of global recognition. 

Help us identify who they are. 

We’re looking for people who are remarkable New Zealanders, exceptional global achievers, whose stories inspire and motivate. We value qualities such as creativity, ingenuity and tenacity. 

Previous winners come from all walks of life and include former Prime Minister Rt Hon Helen Clark, innovator and engineer Peter Beck, award-winning actor and producer Cliff Curtis and Tesla co-founder Ian Wright. 

From business to entrepreneurship, the arts and philanthropy – these people all have one thing in common – their work is undeniably world-leading and world-changing, and will inspire New Zealanders everywhere. 

Help us recognize and celebrate the world class Kiwis changing the future for the better through their work.

To nominate click here –—Nominate-a-Winner.html

Nominations close Friday 19 October 2018.


THIS DAY IN NEW ZEALAND HISTORY: – October 2nd, 1944. On May 2007 the residents of the Scottish village of Cowie gathered to unveil a memorial to Pilot Officer Carlyle Everiss – a New Zealand fighter pilot whose heroic actions saved the lives of many villagers during the Second World War.

Carlyle Gray Everiss was born in Gisborne on 3 December 1914. Following the outbreak of the Second World War he enlisted in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and began pilot training in January 1941. After gaining his pilot’s wings in Canada, Everiss was sent to the United Kingdom and posted to No. 58 Operational Training Unit at Grangemouth, beside the Firth of Forth in central Scotland.

Everiss and another pilot were returning from an air combat exercise on 2 October 1941 when the engine of his Spitfire stalled over the mining village of Cowie, about 10 km from Grangemouth. With his crippled plane heading straight for a tightly packed row of houses, Everiss refused to bail out and made a desperate attempt to gain altitude. While he managed to clear the village his plane was thrown into an uncontrollable tailspin and crashed into railway sidings at a nearby coal mine. Villagers were able to pull Everiss from the burning wreckage but the young pilot died shortly afterwards and was buried in Grangemouth (Grandsable) Cemetery.

Despite his hero status in Cowie, little was known about Everiss until local resident John Craig travelled to New Zealand in 1979 and tracked down his brother-in-law. He lent Craig a photograph of Pilot Officer Everiss in uniform and a painting was commissioned based on this picture. The portrait, entitled Carlyle Everiss – The Face of Courage, was hung in the clubrooms of the Cowie Bowling Club, near the crash site.

On 19 May 2007 a memorial commemorating the young pilot’s sacrifice was unveiled in Cowie. The bronze bust of Everiss was erected atop a rock plinth after £12,000 was raised by local residents.


CONGRAULATIONS KIA ORA DC KIWIS AND DAVE KEEGAN:  Kia Ora DC Kiwis hosted their annual hangi in the Washington DC area. This was the fourth annual hangi of the NZ community group Kia Ora DC Kiwis, and attracted nearly 300 guests to a venue in Spencerville Maryland on 22nd September.

Guests were able to enjoy a traditional hangi, put in a pit in the ground beautifully cooked by a very experienced Hangi crew led by local man Richard Tavai.

 Kia Ora DC Kiwis is focused on building kiwi community and sharing Maori culture which this hangi more than achieved. Kaumatua Alby McIlroy helped the group understand the significance and cultural aspects of the hangi.

Guests were entertained throughout the day with our musicians providing many kiwi songs, and fun activities including tug of war, Poi lessons, ukulele lessons, gumboot toss and sack races. The event finished up with a table of shared desserts, with lolly cake, lamingtons, hokey pokey biscuits and more.

A highlight of the day was the presentation of a “Service to the New Zealand Community Award” to longtime community member David Keegan. David is one of the key organizers for the hangi, and he had previously managed several events in the DC area for KEA. Some previous achievements included planning of the first ANZAC day dawn service in DC, planning an event featuring Norm Hatch the World War 2 photographer and arranging a fundraiser after the Christchurch earthquake at the NZ Embassy, to rebuild a playground at one of the primary schools, and raised over $20,000.  David was recognized with a certificate, a Taonga Whakairo or bone carving, which was created by Arkansas Maori Artist  Kapotahi Tuahine Frederickson, and with the dedication of 1 day of service by KODK members to do service for a cause of his choice within the next year. Congratulations Dave!


PIE TIME: – DUB Pie Discounts

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BROKEN SHED (NZ) VODKA UPDATE: – The Company has been working hard expanding into new markets in the United States, and this excellent product is now available in the following states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Wisconsin, coming soon to New Hampshire and Vermont.  To learn more about the brand, follow them on social media or visit their website


MOVING BACK TO NZ?: – Kerridge & Partners in an executive search firm based in Auckland and we are working with the NZ Super Fund to appoint a Chief Investment Officer. This is a significant opportunity with the largest investor in New Zealand and plays a pivotal role in fund performance, team development and engagement with leading global investors. With the Fund approaching $40bn in size, this position comes at an interesting time following the resumption of government contributions.

 Roles such as these are rare, making this certainly a great role to ‘come back’ for. More information is available here and to express interest, please contact Tim Scanlan on +64 996 99903 or through



 Leadership Speaking + Networking Event – Saturday November 10, 2018 at 6pm 

Official New Zealand Residence of Consulate General Los Angeles

 Join us for an inspiring evening with top New Zealand speakers and a chance to meet new and old friends. 

The Kiwi Leadership Network understands the importance of connecting with and learning from others to make the most of life’s experiences and opportunities. That’s why we are inviting you for an exciting night of networking opportunities and some great Kiwi food and beverages

Guest Speakers:

Chris Lewis, 1983 Wimbledon Finalist, Former Junior #1 and Former Coach to Ivan Lendl, World #1, New Zealand Sportsman of the Year in 1983.

Shane Fleming, VP – US Operations Rocket Lab

Skye Duncan, Director, Global Designing Cities Initiative at the National Association of City Transportation Officials

Tickets are available via our website or Eventbrite below:



About Us: The Kiwi Leadership Network USA is a 501c3 educational nonprofit. Our purpose is to inspire, assist and support the growth of New Zealanders in the United States through educational, social and cultural activities and opportunities. The Kiwi Leadership Network USA has been formed because we know firsthand how hard it can be to move to a new country and how important it is to connect with people who can help you along the way. Having built professions and careers over a period of time, we also strongly believe in the power of connecting people with similar and complementary ideas and expertise, because we know this is when doors can open and great things can happen.